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This is a space where teachers from Northern York (or anywhere) can share ideas about using the Smartboard in their classrooms. Navigate to the subject area pages on the left to find and contribute links to smartboard ideas. Create a login to wikispaces in order to have rights to edit pages.

Here are links and suggestions for using the SmartBoard in your classroom. The links are organized based on your comfort level with the SmartBoard: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Not so sure about SmartBoards? Here's an article by Robert Marzano about the effectiveness of interactive whiteboards in the classroom... Educational Leadership
Looking for help or want to share an idea? Visit Smart Tech's Teacher Exchange Community

Basic Information: For tutorials on basic operation of the software (as well as more detailed information on specific functions if you are intermediate or advanced) visit...

Beginner: If you're just getting started with your SmartBoard, try your favorite interactive websites and programs that you're already comfortable with. Here are some ideas:

Intermediate: Once you're used to using the SmartBoard itself, try downloading and using out some pre-made SmartNotebook lessons from some of these resources:

Advanced: Try making some of your own SmartNotebook lessons! Some ideas to get you started...

  • Adapt a lesson or template from Smart Exchange to use for your own lesson
  • Adapt a template from the SmartGallery (in SmartNotebook)
  • Use Atomic Learning (Smartboard Basics and Notebook Software Tutorials) to explore tools in the toolbar that you haven't used yet
  • Use the SmartCamera to take screenshots of textbook materials available online
  • Have students create lessons/activities for each other using the SmartNotebook program... or, have them use the SmartRecorder to record and explain their work in SmartNotebook
  • Here are resources you can use to create lessons from scratch (and avoid copyright issues :-) )

Smart Notebook Tutorials

Lesson Activity Toolkit If you don't have the Lesson Activity Toolkit, follow this link to download and install it. (When you get to the webpage, scroll down until you see the bar that says "Lesson Activity Toolkit." To make sure you have the most recent version of SmartNotebook, including the gallery collections, run the Smart Product Update (found in your Applications folder).